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Sponsors are extremely important in being able to compete - even at the local and regional levels and from a business perspective, a great way to advertise and get your products and services into the public eye. The average cost to participate in a single tournament can range between $150 and $300 for the entrance fees, fuel, maintenance, and tackle expenses. With the average tournament “series or trail” running between 8 to 14 weeks, you can see tournament angling is a serious commitment both personally and financially – and one where the benefits to businesses, the economy and conservation are tremendous. Sponsorship is not only key, but economically viable towards that end. Generally, sponsorships were aimed towards a single angler, but after giving the marketing and promotional aspects a second thought, we realized as an angling “team” – we can offer a sponsor much more. From the summarized biographies on our 'About Us' Link, I’m sure you can see that not only do our individual skills and experiences complement each other, but through the extensive contacts we have between us, as a team - we can greatly benefit your overall marketing goals beyond your expectations. This is not just a weekend sport anymore; with more and more corporate sponsors getting onboard, the sport has taken on a whole new look. Professional anglers have become role-models for young anglers, and as popular as NASCAR - and the media is making sure we are in the spotlight. Even stores like Walmart and Kmart are getting involved.

A normal season can begin as early as April and run into December (dependant on weather) and during this period of time, we can fish an average 60 events across the Pennsylvania and tri-state area. This affords our sponsors many opportunities for press coverage including; television, newspaper, and radio – not to mention promotion through seminars and charitable events.

As anglers, we are continuously mindful towards conservation and strive to promote responsible angling while educating the public on a conversant understanding of fishing from a recreational, professional and tournament perspective. By default, we are also able to encourage and promote the protection of our natural resources through responsible angling [a critical element in preserving our natural resources] in order to ensure these resources for future generations.

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